Robin Europe GmbH.

Robin Engines

Robin has a wide range of Gasoline and Diesel Engines for all applications. The latest EX series has been developed according to today’s requirements as well as those for the future. EX Engines run by OHC technology and have an extreme long lifetime. Our EH Engines with vertical cylinder are taken on agricultural machines for extreme hillside applications.

All Robin engines meet the relevant exhaust and noise emission regulations.

Robin Water Pumps

Robin produces a comprehensive range of 1” to 4” clear water and trash pumps for professional and private users. Main applications: To exhaust construction pits, irrigation of fields, in case of floods etc.

Robin Generators

The Robin Generator range covers 1 to 10 kvA supplies, in single and three phase versions. The most interesting models up to 4 kvA are available as conventional types as well as inverter types. All Robin Generators meet the relevant exhaust and noise emission regulations.





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